Safari Checklist

Items to remember to bring on your safari to Uganda;

For your safari experience to be perfect, we recommend a few items that you should bring along with you:

  • Warm sweater for night safari campfire
  • Comfortable walking shoes (preferably closed safari boots)
  • Binoculars, camera and video camera
  • Sunhats and sunglasses
  • Sunscreen (essential)

White and red are not suitable colours for safari activities, as they increase your visibility to wildlife. This may thus inhibit your experience if you want to get a closer look.  Neutral colours are recommended.

If you take prescription medication, be sure to bring a sufficient supply with you. If you are on a lengthy holiday, we suggest that you carry a copy of your prescription with you.

Health Matters:

As malaria is endemic to Kasese (Kikorongo Town) region where Wild Tracks Overlanders Camp is situated, it is essential to ensure that anti-malarial precautions are taken throughout the year. These include; sleeping under treated mosquito nets, anti-malarial medication and mosquito repelants.


The majority of Uganda enjoys a tropical climate that averages 26ºC during the day and 16ºC at night. The warmest months of the year are from December to February when the daytime temperature ranges from 27 to 29ºC. The rainy seasons are from mid-March to May and October to November, the wettest month being April.

On safari; most people wear shorts and a T-shirt during the day and put on long sleeved shirts and trousers in the evening for warmth as well as protection from mosquitoes and insects in general.

Should you be particularly sensitive to the sun, a loose cotton shirt is essential during the day. Khaki, brown, olive and beige colours are best for safaris and game walks.

Best time to travel to Uganda:  

“All year round”. Located along the equator, Uganda predominantly experiences a tropical climate therefore it is suitable to visit any time of the year. Wild tracks over landers campsite is located around the equator thus temperatures are always warm throughout the year and suitable for safari.