Queen Elizabeth NP being Uganda’s most scenic and diverse wildlife park is a vast playground teeming with wildlife that makes it worthwhile exploring so you don’t have to worry about being bored on safari in Uganda.

The day can be spent on game drives in search of predators and prey.  Sundowners are an important part of the experience at Wild Tracks Campsite; alternatively guests can retire to their tents in the evening.  Enjoy the natural beauty of the horizon over Lake George and Queen Elizabeth with a cold drink in hand and specially set campfire.

Must-dos while visiting Queen Elizabeth National park

Boat trips on Kazinga Channel

Taking a boat tour along the channel that connects Lakes Edward and George, gives visitors a chance to view hippos, buffaloes, elephants as they linger on the shoreline

Chimpanzee-tracking in the Kyambura gorge

Visitors get a chance to learn about the ecosystems of the Kyabmura Gorge underground rainforest which is involves learning about and experiencing the different vegetation types, bird life, chimpanzee and monkey natural balance

Nature walks in the dark Maramagambo forest

The forest is famous for hosting hundreds of birds various monkey species like the Red tailed monkey and Blue Monkey


Further with in the dark Maramagambo forest is a world famous bat cave. The cave has a viewing room from which visitors can observe millions of resident bats and pythons.


Queen Elizabeth National Park is classified as an Important Birding Area (IBA) by Birding International. Because of its variety of habitats means it is home to over 600 bird species. This is the greatest of any national park in East Africa and arguably Africa at large.

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Game drives through the national park

A trip to the Ishasha wilderness in the southern sector of the park is a must not miss out. (famous for its tree climbing Lions)

Game Drive Times
Morning game drive 06h00
Afternoon game drive 16h00

Meal Times
Breakfast: 09h30
Lunch: 14h00
Dinner: 20h00

Cultural Heritage and Village Tours

The Rwenzori region is home to a vast number of local tribes with various cultures and ways of life. Kikorongo is home to the indigenous Bakonzo. From this visitors to the campsite get a chance to experience the energetic dances of the Kikorongo Equator Cultural Performers.